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Coindesk Prices

UX Research / UX Design / UI Design


CoinDesk is a highly respected crypto news and media company with significant influence. It offers insights, events, indices, and data services to a vast community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

CoinDesk required a new and more efficient website to replace the outdated one, which was neither scalable nor user-friendly. Upon joining CoinDesk, my primary goal was to revamp and redesign the entire website. Among the various projects I had to tackle, one of the most critical tasks on my plate was the redesign of the price pages.

The price pages are one of the most viewed sections across the CoinDesk website and products, with many users entering the site through these pages.


The current design of the price page is outdated and lack of a user-friendly experience. This is evident in confusing section names, poor navigation, and insufficient data for each asset. These issues are likely to discourage both existing users and potential users, potentially hindering the future growth of the crypto market.

What I Did

I led this 5 months remote project from research through launch and collaborated closely with the product manager and engineers.


Chief Product Director, Product Manager, Product Designers, UX Researcher, Engineer, QA Engineer

40 User Interviews and Customer Research

Ideation Workshop with 10 Stakeholders

Experience Design & UI Design

Prototype, Usability Testing & Iterate

Hand-off & Development

Planned and conducted 40 remote user testing utilizing and conducted Competitive Research.

Ideation session with stakeholders. Identified and prioritized the critical features and information for the price page.

Created wireframe, UX Design, UI Design and prototype on Figma.

Conducted 2 rounds of remote usability testing with 30 participants and optimized key parts of the user flow that were problematic for users. 

Produced ready-to-use design files, facilitated hand-off to developers, and oversaw development stages.

Positive Impact

#2.7 to #1

The average position for the keyword “Bitcoin price” on Google Organic Search went from 2.7 to the top.


Average Position for the keyword “Ethereum price,” “Cardano price,” “Dogecoin price,” etc., on Google Organic Search are the first result that comes up now.

94.9% user says

They can find the information they are looking for. (1146 total respondents on Hotjar)

74.8% user says

They find the information on the website helpful. (1826 total respondents on Hotjar)

Visual 2.png
Visual 6.png


Price Comparison 

Prior to investing, users could compare the price trend of the asset with another asset to assess its potential performance.

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 6.27.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 6.27.20 PM.png


Enhance Integrated Learn Content Section

Market and Social Analysis

To enhance the data on the price page, we decided to collaborate with Into the Block, a data source company.

Search Trends.png
Twitter Sentiment.png


To gather user feedback on the new design, I conducted two rounds of usability testing. This involved 20 remote unmoderated tests, allowing users to provide their opinions and insights on the redesigned interface.

“I think it's even easier to understand than robinhood is.” (2 users said)
“Very easy to use.” (10 users said)
“Very informative. A lot of useful informations.” (7 users said)

“I will come back even just for the social graph.” (4 users said)

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