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Crypto Prices Page

UX Research / UX Design / UI Design

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Chief Product Director, Product Manager, Product Designers, UX Researcher, Engineer, QA Engineer

What I Did

UX Research, Competitive Research, design thinking workshop planning and facilitation, User Testing, UX Design, UI Design, Rapid Prototyping, Usability evaluation

My Role

Product Designer

Project Timeline

Design + Research Time:  2 Weeks (April 2021)
Project Time: April 2021 - August 2021
(Until the MVP launch)

Out Comes

  • Data page become #3 page user visits the most since launch

  • Expands the potential for generating revenue for company

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After completing the design of the price page, I transitioned to the data page project, which serves as a comprehensive catalog of all the prices available on CoinDesk. This page provides users with a gateway to discover lesser-known assets in addition to the popular ones. Initially, the Crypto Prices page was included as a dropdown menu within the homepage. However, users reported difficulties in locating specific assets within the long list due to the absence of a search function, prompting the team to explore alternative design options.


Data Process.png

Due to the project's tight timeline, we were unable to schedule an ideation session with stakeholders or conduct user testing before launch. However, I presented my ideas and findings to the team, and we collaborated on generating new ideas internally. To ensure optimal user experience, I conducted user testing after launch and continuously monitored Hotjar for user feedback on the page.


Rethinking the data page to cater to user needs and to create a delightful user experience that incentives the user to use CoinDesk as their to-go source for crypto prices.

📌 Target Audience

The target audience was already defined by the Market team when I joined.

Millennials & Gen-Z

The majority of CoinDesk users are Millennials and Gen-Z (ages from 25-44)

Discovery Users (Mainly)
Intermediate Users

Research & Discovery

Usertesting Old CoinDesk Website

Initially, this page was accessible through a drop-down menu located at the top of the homepage. However, during the user testing phase of the homepage redesign project, a colleague of mine pointed out some issues that caught my attention. Specifically, she observed that many users, particularly beginners, were unable to locate certain assets when using the price navigation bar.


Additionally, 75% of the users surveyed (6 out of 8) expressed a desire for a filtering option to help them find the assets they were looking for.

Competitive Research 

I reviewed the price list sections of some of our competitors to gain insight into their approach and assess the effectiveness of their design choices.

👫 User Needs (Assumption)

  • Add asset filters to categorize the list of crypto assets based on their attributes or performance.

  • Be able to locate the assets they seek with speed and efficiency.

Final Designs

Final design.png
data-design 2.png


By adding a filter function to the data page, users will be able to view market movements more efficiently.


By adding a search function to the data page, users will be able to locate the assets they are searching for in a more efficient manner.

Empty State.png

To prevent users from encountering a dead end when they reach an empty state, we will redirect them to other relevant assets.

Empty State

Ad State.png

Ad State

Positive Impact

Become #3 page user visits the most

Expands the potential for generating revenue for company

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